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Birth Injury Attorney New Jersey

A birth injury attorney can help find out what went wrong

A birth injury attorney New Jersey counts on can help when childbirth results in a birth injury.   An unexpected birth injury quickly turns joy into pain and confusion.   There are so many unanswered questions during a time like this.   It is difficult to know where to turn for help.   Clearly, the best option is to contact a birth injury attorney New Jersey trusts to fight for fair compensation.


Physicians who deliver babies must make quick-thinking care decisions for mother and baby.   Sometimes, a birth injury is unavoidable.  Other times, the physician’s actions or inactions result in irreparable harm.  



An experienced birth injury lawyer New Jersey provides a full assessment of your experience to help determine if negligence caused the birth injury.   This may include review of your medical records by an expert to help provide important insights on what went wrong.  If a physician or health care professional’s actions caused injury to the infant, the attorney can help you file a claim for damages.

What is a standard of care?

Pennsylvania law called the MCARE Act defines the “standard of care” as the reasonable medical care that a peer physician would have provided under comparable situations. Therefore, malpractice claims are only valid when negligent care or an error result in injury.  


Let’s give a scenario to help understand “standards of care.”  In this scenario, a physician uses monitoring equipment and receives multiple warnings of fetal distress during labor. The doctor ignores the warnings and allows labor to progress vaginally for over an hour. Finally, the doctor recognizes the infant is at significant risk for injury and orders an emergency C-section.  Afterwards, the infant is born with brain damage. 

In this scenario, to prove malpractice, the attorney must demonstrate two things:



  1. Another physician in that scenario would have proceeded with a C-section upon noticing fetal distress
      2. A timely C-section could have avoided the birth injury
what are the signs of newborn brain damage

Our Birth Injury Law Firm will fight for your child and family like they're our own.

Birth injuries are a tragedy that can cost your family emotionally and financially. Our attorneys will fight healthcare giants for the compensation you deserve and ALWAYS 100% FREE*.

Common mistakes causing birth injuries

There are several mistakes that are well-known to result in birth injuries:

C-section Errors

a physician who delays or fails to perform a C-section may put the baby at unnecessary risk of a birth injury. In Pennsylvania, this error is the most frequent cause of preventable birth injuries from malpractice.

Failure to monitor

the use of electronic monitoring devices, such as a fetal heart rate monitor are now standards of practice for most hospitals. These devices alert physicians about potential complications so that action can be taken.  False positive warnings can also occur.  Sometimes physicians ignore warning indicators, mistaking them to for false positive alerts, when a true complication arises.  This can result in a birth injury. 

Vacuum or forceps negligence

These devices aide in delivery by grasping the baby’s head and providing leverage for the doctor to guide them through the birth canal. These tools require a lot of skill and practice to use correctly. In the hands of the wrong physician, they can lead to serious injury. 

Contact a birth injury attorney New Jersey trusts

Contact a birth injury attorney New Jersey recognizes for delivering effective, meaningful results to our clients. If your new baby has a birth injury and you think it might be the result of medical negligence, we can help. Call us today to speak directly to an attorney and have a thorough review of your claim. 

In 2006, it was estimated that over 157,000 birth injuries could have been avoided to both mother and infant.

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