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Help for New Jersy birth injury victims

If you are seeking legal options for a birth injury, contact a birth injury lawyer New Jersey trusts. Nothing is more devastating to a growing family than a birth injury. Birth injuries are even more crushing when they could have been prevented. Health care professionals have the responsibility to follow standard practice guidelines.  As such, failure to follow these guidelines may be negligence or malpractice. A top birth injury lawyer New Jersey relies on helps families to seek financial help for birth injuries. This financial compensation can help families provide for the child’s ongoing medical and care needs.  

How common are birth injuries?

According to The National Healthcare Quality Report (AHRQ), approximately 6 to 8 in every 1,000 births results in a traumatic injury. Therefore, every year in New Jersey, about 700 infants suffer a birth injury.  Sadly, many of these injuries are preventable.

What is the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect?

Distraught parents often have trouble telling the difference between an injury and a birth defect. When you understand the difference, you can take the next steps.  Birth injuries often occur at the time of labor or delivery. They frequently stem from an improper medical technique, negligent monitoring, or failure to follow established guidelines. Birth defects, on the other hand, develop during gestation. Factors contributing to birth defects include chromosomal problems inherited from the parents, environmental impacts, or health conditions of the birth mother.

Many birth defects are due to factors that are outside of the physician’s control. Therefore, it is uncommon for birth defects to be addressed through legal action. In some situations, you can make a claim for a birth defect. For example, you could file a claim if a doctor prescribed a medication that caused the birth defect.  Also, parents can file a claim when a physician does not properly treat a birth defect. In these situations, it’s important to speak to a birth injury lawyer New Jersey relies on for their advice and expertise. 

what are the signs of newborn brain damage

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Are birth injuries preventable?

Birth injuries are frequently preventable. Medical professionals are responsible to take all reasonable steps to prevent a birth injury. Unfortunately, many times these measures are not taken, and a horrible injury can occur. A birth injury lawyer New Jersey consults gave the following as indicators of potential malpractice:

  • Failure to provide appropriate prenatal care – physicians should recommend prenatal testing for the infant and mother to identify potential conditions and address them. This can help to prevent negative outcomes such as birth injuries. Testing for maternal conditions such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and infections are often recommended. Also, testing on the fetus in utero can help detect umbilical cord problems, heart abnormalities, and breech positioning.  Doctors who uncover factors that increase pregnancy risk should help coordinate follow-up care with a maternal fetal medicine specialist. 

  • Failure to notice and respond to fetal distress – the fetal heart rate should be monitored throughout pregnancy. Monitoring may detect problems such as: tachycardia (too fast heart rate) or bradycardia (too slow heart rate).  Other problems include abrupt decreases in heart rate, or heart rates that return to baseline too slowly after a contraction.  These problems should be recognized and addressed immediately. 

  • Failure to intervene when natural birth becomes too risky – certain conditions, such as prolonged and arrested labor, macrosomia or umbilical cord compression, may make a Cesarian section necessary. Physicians who fail to act in a timely manner may be negligent in their actions.  

Contact a birth injury lawyer today

Families who have be victimized with a preventable birth injury deserve to hold the medical provider liable and recover damages.   For many of these families, the child will have significant medical bills, rehabilitation, and even life-time care needs.  Call us today to speak with a birth injury lawyer New Jersey counts on to file a claim and seek compensation.

In 2006, it was estimated that over 157,000 birth injuries could have been avoided to both mother and infant.

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