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A birth injury lawyer Pennsylvania is proud to have fighting for their community can offer expert advice about birth injuries and wrongful infant deaths.  Childbirth is the most common and natural part of human existence. Therefore, most of us never consider the medical risks resulting from a traumatic birth. Sadly, birth injuries occur all too often, and many of them are preventable. Birth injuries include physical and developmental problems that occur during birth. These injuries may be so severe that they last throughout the child’s entire life. A birth injury lawyer that Pennsylvania relies on has seen hundreds of situations in which a doctor’s error resulted in major, lasting medical issues. 

What are common birth injuries?

Common birth injuries according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia include:


  • Caput succedaneum – This occurs when the baby’s scalp tissues swell during the baby’s journey through the birth canal. This can result in bruising of the head area.  This condition is seen more frequently in babies who have a heavier birth weight.  It also occurs more often with babies who have experienced a long, tough birth.  This injury can be caused by the use of vacuum extraction or forceps during delivery.
  • Horner’s Syndrome – This condition usually affects one side of the face.  It is caused by the disruption of the nerve pathway from the brain to the face. As a result, the child might have a drooping eyelid, smaller pupil size, and decreased sweating on one side of the face.
  • Spinal cord injuries – spinal cord injuries can occur during a difficult, breech delivery when the physician tries to rotate the baby in the birth canal. Additionally, medical tools that are used incorrectly during the delivery can result in blunt force trauma and lead to spinal cord injuries. Babies with a spinal cord injury may demonstrate signs of paralysis or weakness. Sometimes the spinal cord is damaged, but it is still able to send signals below the injury site. This is called an incomplete spinal cord injury.   In a complete injury, the spinal cord is totally severed or compressed. In these cases, the baby will have no sensation below the injury site. 

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Miscommunication is a main cause of birth injuries

CRICO Strategies, a leader in medical professional liability and safety, reviewed 23,000 medical error lawsuits over a four-year period. The study revealed that the most frequent cause of birth injuries was lack of communication between medical staff and the mother. Poor communication in the delivery room is a very dangerous situation. When a birth injury occurs, over half of these injuries are severe, and nearly a quarter result in infant or maternal death.  



According to a birth injury lawyer Pennsylvania depends on, poor communication is a type of medical malpractice. Physicians and other health care providers should be held responsible when poor communication results in a problem for the mother or baby. If you feel that poor communication caused your baby’s birth injury, you may be able to file a claim. A lawyer can be a valuable resource for families taking legal action for a preventable birth injury. Our attorneys specialize in birth injuries.  They will take the lead to seek payment for your child’s medical expenses.  

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In 2006, it was estimated that over 157,000 birth injuries could have been avoided to both mother and infant.

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