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Should I Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer?

A Philadelphia birth Injury lawyer is one of the biggest advocates and supporters that a new parent can have after a birth injury. A birth injury occurs when a baby suffers harm before, during, or directly after birth. For many parents, a birth injury destroys a joyful day into a day of anxiety and heartache. While many babies suffer injuries that ultimately heal without further intervention in the days or week following delivery, some injuries lead to severe complications and permanent disabilities.  In these situations, a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer can represent the family to seek compensation for the injuries sustained by medical negligence.

What Are The Causes of Birth Injuries?

Head trauma and brain bleeds are injuries that can occur during childbirth. These injuries can result in brain damage that can have long-lasting impacts on the baby. Some causes of brain injuries during childbirth include:

Delayed birth – Delayed birth is one of the most frequently cited caused of birth injuries. Mothers who labor for over 18 hours may be defined as having a delayed birth. During an extended labor, pressure can increase on the baby’s brain and this pressure can lead to fetal distress and high blood pressure. The baby may develop a stroke or cardiovascular issues if medical intervention is delayed.

Oxygen deprivation – Most brain injuries that occur during childbirth involve oxygen deprivation. Oxygen deprivation can occur from a prolapsed umbilical cord or from underdeveloped lungs. Doctors have protocols to follow when a baby is at high risk for medical complications. When protocols are not followed a baby suffers harm as a result, a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer can help.

Infections – Infections in the mother or baby can cause harm. Medical negligence can occur when these infections are not properly diagnosed or managed.

Medical Negligence and Birth Injuries

While some birth injuries are unavoidable, many are the result of medical negligence. Medical negligence occurs when doctors and other medical professionals do not adhere to the standard of care expected of them. When medical negligence results in serious complications, it is recommended to seek out a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer for assistance.

Common types of medical negligence that result in birth injuries include:

  • Failure to act quickly to address situations when the baby is in distress
  • Failure to diagnose health problems with the mother or baby
  • Failure to monitor the baby before, during or after birth
  • Improper use of tools such as vacuum extractors or forceps
  • Unnecessary use of force during childbirth that results in injury

These types of medical errors can result in long-term or permanent injuries for the child.

How Can I Tell If My Child Suffered a Birth Injury?

Many parents struggle to determine if their child’s problems are the result of a birth injury. In fact, symptoms of birth injuries may not be immediately apparent. Some birth injuries can even take years to present when a child misses developmental milestones.

Some signs of birth injuries that parents should look for include:

  • Excessive drooping
  • Arched back while crying
  • Weak reflexes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Muscles that are too loose or too stiff
  • Claw-like hand positioning
  • Seizures and skull fractures that are diagnosed after delivery

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