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Metal Wellness After a Birth Injury

Parents who have suffered through a difficult labor and delivery resulting in a birth injury can suffer from great emotional anguish, according to a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer. During this time, it’s common for parents to struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues related to the birth injury. It’s important for parents to prioritize taking care of themselves and their partner. This article will describe mental health concerns after a birth injury and suggest some steps to take to improve emotional wellness. A Philadelphia birth injury lawyer has been involved in many birth injury cases that affected the mental health of the parents and can provide resources to parents in need.

Common Emotional Health Impacts following a Birth Injury or Traumatic Birth

After an unexpected birth injury, mothers may place blame on themselves for what has happened. It’s not uncommon for mothers to feel a sense of shame or guilt thinking that they could have prevented the birth injury. However, this is not true; in some cases, the birth injury in unpreventable, and in other situations, it’s the doctor or care team that is responsible for the birth injury.

Other mothers report feeling powerless. A mother may feel helpless watching their baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and not being able to hold them frequently or take them home.

Finally, a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer has seen many parents struggle with anger and frustration. These emotions can be particularly present when a parent believes that the birth injury was caused by the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional.

Steps to Take for Mental Wellness After a Birth Injury or Birth Trauma

Eat a well-balanced diet – it’s common for parents to forget to take care of themselves while they are focused on caring for a child with a birth injury. Taking the time to eat a balanced diet may provide the energy needed to manage stress.

Meditation – has been reported by some parents to help with managing stress, focusing on the present, and reducing negative emotions.

Connect with Others – connecting with others who have undergone similar situations can help parents to feel less alone or isolated. Your local hospital might offer a support group or seek out groups with similar experiences on social media.

Seeking Professional Help After a Birth Injury

Sometimes, the emotional impacts of a birth injury exceed what a parent can handle on their own. It’s important for parents who are suffering from mental health concerns after a birth injury or trauma to seek out psychotherapeutic support from a qualified professional, such as a therapist, social worker, or psychiatrist.

Some parents voice that seeking help from a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer was helpful to both them and their child. In situations where provider negligence caused the birth injury, a personal injury attorney can work with parents to pursue compensation for their child’s care, and for their own hardships and suffering. Many parents report that seeking legal justice for their child has a positive impact in giving them a sense of empowerment and helped them to work through a difficult situation.

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